H.’s party went very well.  The girls watched none of the movies we rented, mostly listening to Beatles music and talking in that strange language only other 12-year-old girls understand.  I swear, it’s like listening to a conversation of nonsequetors, but they all seem to know what they’re saying so I guess that’s what counts.

This week’s focus is split between the garage and M.’s room. We’ve been using half of the garage to store things moved from the old house that haven’t been unpacked yet since we didn’t have a second car for that bay.  Chris’s work truck was too huge.  Now he has a little car, so I want to clean it out for parking purposes.  I can do that over time, but I need to take care of the front part by tonight because tomorrow morning we’re having our generator installed, and it would be great of the electrician could get to the electrical panel and the generator.  Since Monday was a gorgeous day here (70’s and sunny), it’s pretty much done.  I need to move a very large fish/animal tank into the storage room, and take out the recycling tonight, but otherwise it’s all set.

M.’s birthday party is Saturday, so besides keeping the rest of the house clean, which is much easier after getting it straightened out for H.’s party, I need to work on M’s room.  I’m putting up some bright green paper behind her built-in shelves.  Her walls are wood-paneled, and since we’re renting for now (we plan to buy the house after we’ve rented for two years) I can’t take it down or paint her room.  Since “wood-paneled” is hardly any preschooler’s idea of a dream room, I’ve done a lot of things to decorate it and make it look more like a little girl’s room and less like a home office.

Putting up the paper shouldn’t be difficult, and she picked it out so it’s a color she likes.  Once the paper’s up, the shelves can go back on, and then I can arrange stuffed animals on the shelves once more.  That alone will go a long way toward cleaning up the room.  After that, it’s a matter of putting things in the right places and vacuuming the rug.  Ideally, I’d have time to rent a carpet cleaner and wash the carpet, but I won’t this week.  I would like to do that before the family party on the following weekend however.

So that’s the plan.  Week 2, already half over, is the front of the garage and M.’s room.  What are you working on this week?  If you haven’t already done so, you can read OrgJunkie’s Week 2 post here.