Flaming Power Outage in Longfellow
Image by edkohler via Flickr

Hey you guys!  I’ve missed you!

Sorry to disappear so abruptly, but it has been impossible for me to get online for a while now, and today is really my first day back.  To keep it brief, here’s what’s been going on:

We moved.  Or, at least our furniture and some of our possessions moved.  The rest of our belongings are still being moved a carload at a time.

The next day, Tropical Storm Irene (formerly known as Hurricane Irene) hit my area.

We had no power for 8 days.  We just got our phone service back today.

The power company knocked out power at the old house while repairing nearby lines.  The subsequent power surge messed up both computers.  One is now fine.  I think.

All three kids started school, one for the first time.

I am still moving us, as mentioned, one carload at a time, about two per day if not more.

As you can imagine, time is not something in large supply.  It took a while to coördinate getting the computers to the new house and setting up the new wi-fi, but I’m up and running.

I know I owe/am late posting a LOT of things, reviews and guest posts being my biggest concern.  I will be getting those out and caught up ASAP, so whether you’re an author wondering where yours is, or a reader looking forward to some fresh content, keep your eyes pealed.  The good stuff is coming!

I hope you all are enjoying this “Back-to-School” season as much as I am, and I’ll be back soon!