Hello New Week

Monday – Early morning aggravation having to deal with my ex-husband once again, then off to work.

M.’s last swim lesson for this session.

Tuesday – Work, then grocery shopping for the things I have left to buy (I did most of it today).

Wednesday – Meeting at work with a rep from one of the companies we’re partnered with.  Hopefully, straight home after work.

Thursday – Last Wednesday I had my first bone density scan, so Thursday afternoon I have a follow-up appointment with my doctor to make sure my bones aren’t sponges.

Friday – Work, and enjoying the start of the weekend.

Saturday – H. will be going to NYC with her aunt to see a show on Broadway.  She doesn’t know which one yet.  Either because her aunt didn’t tell her yet, or because she forgot.  She’s looking forward to it either way.  If it’s nice, I’ll garden.

Sunday – Church, home to eat, and eventually grocery shopping.

What does your week look like?