I’m sick.  Nothing major, just a head cold, but it’s knocking me out.  I am thankful that my husband has been home for the past two days.  We went to my mother’s house for New Year’s Day, and when we got home he took over with the kids so I could go to bed to sleep or at least rest.  Sunday, I got up for the first part of the day to keep an eye on things while he ran errands, and once he got home I came back to bed.  If he hadn’t been here and willing to take over, I’d have been chasing a toddler around and breaking up fights between the ten-year-old and the teenager.  Nobody would really be having any fun because I was too sick to go anywhere or do anything fun, so they would all have been bored and driving each other nuts.  As it is, Chris kept them busy, and they came up to visit me once in a while one at a time so they weren’t in each others’ hair as much.

Today I’m working on taking down all my Christmas decorations and cleaning up a little.  I feel almost better.

I’m also working on a story from a writing prompt that I liked.  If it goes anywhere, I might post it here.  We’ll see.