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Today was H.’s 11th birthday.  We went out to dinner at the restaurant of her choice, which is actually one all of us like that serves awesome Mexican.  We had our own room because it’s shaped like a barn and the silo part has one large round table in it.  The lower part is off of the bar downstairs, and upstairs it’s off of the dining room.  That’s where we were, and we needed the space.  There are five of us, plus my mom and my stepfather.  We all had a good time, and H. loved her gifts and her dinner.  We had already given her the present from us.  I picked up the new Pokémon Black for her yesterday, so it was waiting for her when she got out of school today.  Her brother bought Pokémon White for himself.

I’m still having a hard time coming up with ideas. This hasn’t been a terrific writing week for me because I’ve been tied up with H.’s birthday planning and getting the house ready for M.’s party on Sunday.  M.’s 3rd birthday is on St. Patrick‘s Day.  Chris and I always joke that she wanted to be like her siblings so she was born on St. Patrick’s Day.  She’s the only one of them with no Irish blood.  The other two are part Irish on their father’s side.  In any case, I’m hoping that after her party on Sunday I’ll be able to get back to some semblance of a writing schedule.  I’ve kept up on, but other than that I haven’t done anything.

The rewrite of my book was going well last week.  I’m hoping to pick that up again soon.  I also started looking through my Writer’s Market book to see what kinds of markets are out there in the magazine world and see if I have any ideas that fit in with some of them.  I’m already feeling better about things because I’ve seen a few that I could already send things in to and I’m only a little way into the magazine section.

That’s about where things stand now.  I’ll probably be a little light on the posts this week because of all the party prep, but I’ll be back in full force next week.  I hope.  How productive is everyone else being this week?