It’s M.’s 7th birthday today.  We bought her a bike, her first one, and gave it to her this morning before school.  She’s very excited to ride it, and very glad to give up her much-too-small Big Wheel, although she did love that thing.

We’re having her birthday party over the weekend at her favorite frozen yogurt shop, which is the same place we had her party last year.  I miss being able to have the parties at our house, but it is pretty nice to not have to do any prep work or any clean up at all once it’s done.

Tonight we’re eating what she wanted for dinner (chicken patty sandwiches and fries) and spending time doing what she wants.

At school today she will get a birthday book made by her friends.

For my part, I can’t believe how big she is.  She’s less than a foot shorter than I am and just so smart.  She’s also kind and thoughtful, which makes me very proud of her.

Now we’re both even more excited for the real Spring weather to get here so she can learn to ride her bike!