Yesterday was M.’s 9th birthday, her first since her father died.  I tried my best to make it a good day for her, and I think it was.  We got through the whole day without her being sad at all, which is good.  I, of course, kept thinking about what he was missing, and how much he would have loved watching her as she did all of her “birthday things.”  But then I think about what he’s missing with her every day.

The night before, S. helped me set up a St. Patrick’s Day treasure hunt for her.  I found great printables on a blog I follow which were clues to different places in the house.  Beginning on the bathroom counter she went all over the house, from her room to the living room and kitchen, back into the bathroom, the dining room and eventually ended up finding her “treasure,” a bag of gold chocolate coins hidden in the oven.  She loved it.  It was a great way to wake up.

We picked up Dunkin’ Munchins on our way to school so she could share them with her class.  She doesn’t like cake or cupcakes so finding things to bring to class is a challenge.  Usually we do brownies, but we didn’t get to bake them this time.  She was perfectly happy with her choice though, and excited to bring them in.

She wanted stuffed-crust pizza for dinner, so I picked up D’Giorno on the way home since we don’t have a Pizza Hut near by and I don’t know of any local places that do stuffed crust.  We ate downstairs in my mom’s apartment like we do every Friday, but this time dinner was followed by presents!

After dinner and presents, I took her to the opening of Beauty and the Beast, which we had been planning since we heard it was opening on her birthday.  She was really looking forward to it, and loved the movie.  Before it was even over she leaned over to me and whispered, “We’re going to get this when it comes out on DVD!”

It was a very nice “late night date night” since we went to the 8:00 pm showing, and we got home fairly late.  She was exhausted, but happy, and went easily to bed, as did I.

Sunday is her birthday party with her friends, and I hope it goes as well as yesterday did!