I realize I’ve been lax in blogging lately.  It’s been a tough week here.  S. woke up feeling tired on Monday morning, but went to school.  By the time he came home, it turned out to be the flu.  H. got a mild case of it, and by Thursday I was sick.  Chris came home from work sick too.  Sean and I seem to have been hit the worst though.  He missed school all week, and I’ve been barely able to stay awake for an hour at a time.  Chris took two days off to be home with me, one to help with M. and one just to take care of me while M. went to my mom’s house.  I’m still feeling awful today, but M. is doing her best to behave and stick close to me, and only ask me for things if she really needs something.  She’s a good girl.

The good news is that I got a job reviewing SciFi books.  It’s only occasional, probably monthly, but it’s a start.  The first book is one I’ve already read more than once, so I just need to remind myself of the details since it’s been a while.

That’s how things have been here.  I’d write more, but really I’m just too tired right now.  How are you faring this spring?