What will you ride today?

A bicycle? A horse? A motorcycle? A car?

A snowmobile? A go-cart? A sleigh? A scooter?

A camel? A motorboat? An elephant? A tricycle?

A segway? An elevator? A donkey? An escalator?

A skateboard? A golf cart? A helicopter?

If you could ride anything, what would it be?

Where would you go?

I like memes.  I like getting ideas from them, and I like hearing other people’s responses.  I have links to my favorite meme site in my links section, The Daily Meme.  I also linked to the sight where I found today’s meme, Meme Express.  I think it’s only fair since I’m using their idea.

I will ride a car today.  I know, not a very exciting choice, but I live in the Northeast, in the Northeastern part of the state.  Frankly, it is 14 degrees here which is freakin’ cold in case you need that pointed out.  The other thing is that there is nothing much close out here.  I could ride a bike (if I wouldn’t freeze my ass off), but I’m not going to ride a bike 17 miles to go Christmas shopping.  Plus it’s really hard to fit three kids on the back of a bike.  So today when I go out to run my errands and spend money that I really don’t have but have to spend anyway, I will be driving my car.

Now, those of you who have read prior posts know that when I say my “car” I use that in only the loosest of senses.  So here is what I would rather ride: a horse – Not practical for various reasons.  First, read the part above about the bicycle and change the word “bike” to “horse”.  Second, although we do have what could be considered a barn on our property, it has no doors, needs new windows, and a new floor.  Plus I’m out of oats.