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Today I am feeling somewhat better, but still pretty crappy by comparison to “normal.”  Which means I still have a headache lurking, my nose still won’t stop running, and I’m still coughing quite a bit, but I am able to stand upright for 5-10 minutes at a time.  I’m trying to keep a handle on living room toy clutter, and order less takeout today.  Plus, do laundry.  Lofty goals, I know.  I’d skip the laundry, but if I don’t do at least one load Chris won’t have clothes for work tomorrow.  I do have to run to the store because we’re low on some important things (like tissues!), but it’s two minutes away so I think I’ll make it.

My writing goals for today are as follows:

1) Start review of Shutter Island.
2) Write one article either to put up on one of the Associated Content/Helium-type sites, or for my file to query to magazines.
3) Spend at least 1/2 hour editing my novel.  I realized last night that, as with everything else in my life, if I don’t just start doing it I’ll never do it at all.  I’m not sure how many of you read my post about “finding time” for things, but my view is that it never happens.

I’m going to spend no more than an hour looking for freelance work today.  Not because it doesn’t deserve more time, but because I have so many other things on my list and I don’t want to over-do it.  Like I said, I’m still not feeling 100% today.

I do want to say that, no matter how bad I felt or how sick I was during the last couple of days, I have kept up my daily writing.  I’m on an 18-day streak on  Today will make 19.  That’s every day this month so far.  I have every intention of finishing.  I was initially very disappointed that I missed a day so early on in January and screwed up the challenge for that month, but now I’m glad in a way that February is my first month.  It is the shortest month, so I feel like it’s a good place to start.  It feels like I’ve barely started, and I’m more than half way there now.  Only 11 days to go.  I like looking at the statistics too.  I like seeing how many of us are sticking with it.   Today out of the 1,098 people who started on February 1st, only 407 are left.  Only 37%.  I’m happy to be in that 37% instead of on the other side.

One thing I realized I didn’t mention last month or this month was that the site gives you the option of assigning yourself a penalty and a reward.  I like that, because it’s just a bit of added incentive.  And I need every kick in the pants I can get.  Last month my penalty was to give $10 to the site if I didn’t finish the month, and buy a new book for myself if I won.  Since I missed a day, I gave money to

This month, I pledged a $10 contribution to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.  If I finish, I’ll buy myself that book and move the donation to next month’s challenge, and possibly make it $20.  I plan to finish every month, but if I don’t I’ll at least be supporting a charity I believe in.  I plan to pick a new one every time I give money to one.  If I get to buy my book, I may choose a different reward, or just keep it the same.  I really like books, as you might have guessed.