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We’re on a short vacation this weekend.  Chris took Saturday off, is already off on Sunday and Monday is a holiday.  We haven’t had that much time together since before he took this job.  We have a barbecue to go to on Saturday at our friends’ house.  Afterwards, we’re taking the kids to the shore to go to the beach, if the weather permits.  If not, we’ll go to the aquarium or something else fun.  I’m looking forward to it.  I’m still bringing my laptop so I can work at night.  I have too much work not to do so.

This is, unfortunately, the same weekend that my best friend is up from Florida.  I didn’t find out until after I had booked a hotel, so I’m not sure if we’ll be able to work it out so we can see each other.  I’m certainly not upset about having some time off, but it will suck if she’s up here and we don’t get to see each other at all.

On another note, the house that we wanted and didn’t get is back on the market.  We’re reapplying and doing whatever we can to get the landlord to choose us.  I really want the house, and we can afford it, but I’m not hopeful.  I mean, we already got turned down once.  Why wouldn’t they just turn us down again?  I hope they don’t though.  It’s a great house.

I’m not sure how things will go with the blog while I’m away.  I’ll definitely be doing some planning, and I owe you all my “end of month” goal recap and my July goals, so that will be up here soon.

Right now though, I have some packing to do and then some sleeping!

Enjoy your July 4th weekend, if you’re in the US.  If you’re in Canada, I hope you had a great Canada Day.  And for the rest of the world?  Just have some fun!