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I subscribe via RSS to a lot of blogs, and not a few of these are agent blogs.  I like the ones I subscribe to very much, but I have to say that my favorite now is Janet Reid’s blog.  I have found all kinds of info on querying agents, on what (and what not) to do both on paper/email and in person, and on writing.

I also like that she has some humorous posts, some uplifting posts, updates on conferences she’s attending–basically, a little of everything.  I never know what the next post will bring.

One other thing I like, and recommend to all agents because I would imagine it saves on phone calls and emails, is that she posts right up top which queries she has gotten to so far.  Not by name, of course, just a date saying “I’ve responded to all queries as of 5/29/11.”

If you’re looking for a new blog to check out, or just looking to learn a little more about approaching agents, Janet Reid’s blog is one I can definitely recommend.