The Spirit of Joanna
Image by Rosa Say via Flickr

I read Joanna Paterson’s blog, Confident Writing, and have been doing so for a while now.  Mostly I get it by RSS feed, but I stop by her site at least once a week too.  Joanna writes about writing and about poetry and specializes, as she puts it, in “unsticking words.”  She deals a lot with blogging and having confidence in your writing, as the title suggests.

In the time I’ve been reading her blog, I’ve found her posts helpful and often insightful.  The reason I also visit her site, not just read her feed, is that she has a beautiful blog.  It is very well set up with a clean, uncluttered feel that appeals to me.  The photography she uses to accompany posts is gorgeous, and frequently her own work.  I like being able to find more posts on topics that have caught my eye, and to get further information or advice through these additional posts.

Joanna is a journal coach, and offers hour-long coaching sessions via Skype to help people learn to “unstick” their words.  The coaching sessions involve helping them figure out what exactly is going on with their writing, how and why they are stuck, how to get unstuck and what to do next.  I haven’t taken advantage of this service (so far), but she is the first person I would go to if I ran into a writer’s block I couldn’t seem to break through on my own.

If you haven’t yet checked out her blog, I highly recommend it.  I look forward to each post, and hope to learn even more from Joanne as time goes on.