It’s official.  I had my first freelance job that paid an amount that was actually worth the work I was doing, I finished it and was paid.  Admittedly, to a long-time freelancer I’m sure it wouldn’t be much, but for me it was great.  It wasn’t one of the “$1 per article” jobs that seem to abound on many freelance sites.  I’m very happy, and hope it turns into more jobs since the company may have some ongoing projects.
Even if this doesn’t turn into more work with the company, I feel like I have accomplished something.  I’ve taken my first steps toward becoming a freelance writer.  Until I’m making at least part-time money on a regular basis, I won’t really think of myself that way, but I’m getting there.  I’m very excited about the idea that I have finally found something that I enjoy doing, can do from home, and that actually pays money.  I love the idea that I might actually be able to support my family, or at least help, without having to stick M. in daycare full-time.
I also said I would post an update on whether we actually made it to the gym.  I’m proud to report that we did.  We went to the community center and I brought M. to the childcare room.  She ran right in and involved herself in the art table, barely taking time to say goodbye to me.  I went upstairs to the fitness center to work out.
I spent half an hour on the recumbent bike, did a little upper body work on the machines, which went quickly but left me sore today since my upper body strength is…let’s just say I have stringy arms and leave it at that.  After the machines, I walked on the walking/jogging track (indoors) for about 15 minutes just to cool down and have some time to myself while listening to music.  I still had time to shower and partly dry my hair before going to get M.
She was thrilled to see me when I got there, and if she’d been there any longer than two hours I think she wouldn’t have liked it as much.  As it was, she had a blast.  She brought me four pictures she had painted, played, watched part of a movie, peed in the potty like a big girl (I know, TMI), and got pushed by a boy who made her fall down.  That’s what she reported to me in the two minutes it took me to sign her out and get her things.  She later told Chris the same things when he got home from work.
We even got to return some overdue library books because there is a book drop at the town hall right next door to the community center.  I took M. to lunch at Friendly’s and let her get a strawberry Fribble to drink with her meal, so it was a great day all around as far as she was concerned.  It worked out very well for me too.
I thought about going back today, but decided that was overkill.  Plus, paying the day rate every day would be a little much.  We’ll go early tomorrow to play in the Open Parent/Tot gym before I take M. to childcare.  I’d like to start going every Monday, Wednesday and Friday so I may look into at least an individual membership.  Plus, that would make childcare cost $1 less per hour too, which would also save money.
Speaking of saving money, has anyone tried the “Cashish” app on iPhone/iPod?  I’ve used it to track the cash I carry and what happens to it.  It’s easy enough, at least in theory, to track the money I spend on my debit cards.  It’s online, and in my statements monthly.  But keeping track of cash?  I’ve tried everything.  Well, ok, I’ve tried writing it down in various formats.  I have written it into a notebook with notations for where I spent it and what I spent it on, either with the exact amount or recording to the nearest dollar.  I’ve tried tracking it using a check register.  I’ve tried keeping the receipts and then entering them into a spreadsheet each night.  Every single time, I’ve lost track before long, and no matter which method I used I may have been able to see where my money was going but I still never knew how much money I was actually carrying.
I’ve used “Cashish” since the beginning of the month, so admittedly not long yet, but I’m loving it.  I just enter in a round number every time I spend cash or get cash and put in its category, and on the first screen it shows exactly how much (to the dollar) that I should have in my wallet.  Some categories are there for you to choose, but you can enter in your own categories any time you want.  There are reports you can pull up, and you can even email yourself an exported CSV file if you want.    I just like the app and thought I would mention it in case any of you are looking for something similar.

Have a good day today!