I have trouble getting motivated. Anyone who has been to my house knows that organization and cleaning are not my strong suits. Odd since whatever job I’ve had I’ve always been extremely organized. A few years ago I discovered Flylady.net, probably through an article in either Woman’s Day or Family Circle magazine. I loved her system, but it never really “took” for me and after my remarriage my house became even more disorganized, especially with the addition of a baby in the mix. The baby now is nearly 2 1/2, and I’ve been giving Flylady another chance. Or rather giving myself another chance at it. I never doubted that her “system” worked, I just wasn’t using it.

A couple of months ago I signed back into her site and started following her “Baby Steps” by shining my sink. I’ve been following along with her routines and trying my best to keep up with the habit of the month each month. My kitchen counter is now clean about 75% of the time, maybe more. My bathrooms are clean all the time. Our master bedroom is right now in need of vacuuming and dusting, but it has curtains for the first time in the nearly seven years since I moved in. So does the window over the kitchen sink.

If it weren’t for Flylady I wouldn’t HAVE a shop on Etsy because I would never have found the time.

So for anyone out there who struggles with organization issues (clutter, feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start, chaos) I am recommending Flylady to you. She is a wonderful, caring woman who feels this is her calling in life. Yes, she has a store too on her site. She carefully vets each product she carries, and of the few I’ve purchased I have had my expectations not only met but far exceeded. But you don’t have to pay to join or ever buy anything. Everything she offers as far as advice and instruction is 100% free and worth so much it has been invaluable to me and many others.