img_0983-1I’m going to assume February was a good month, mainly because it’s a blur like most prior months.  That’s why I want to start doing these reviews earlier in the month so that I remember what actually happened.  I can, at least, address my February goals.

Pay off 2nd major bill – This was delayed until March because I couldn’t find the information I needed to know where to send the payment.  I really need to unpack my office.

Spend a day with H. – We spent a day having lunch at a local Thai restaurant that we enjoy.  Next we headed to Target where we both had gift cards to spend, and Barnes and Noble so H. could spend her gift card.  I had a great time, and I think H. enjoyed having time without anyone else there.  I’d like to do it at least once a month so that we can spend more time together.

Clean kitchen and keep clean – This is half and half.  I did clean the kitchen and kept it clean for a while, but often the week becomes exhausting and I can’t face doing dishes at 11:30 at night so it gets to be a mess, if a smaller one.  I’m still working on it, but it’s getting better.

Budget – I didn’t keep up with our budget in February, but I didn’t overspend either.  I’m trying to be more exacting in March.

Oil Change – My car did get its oil change, as well as replacing a belt that needed it.

Damage Estimate – I haven’t had time to do this yet, although I have begun to address it.

Now, on to March.  I have/had a LOT going on in March.  Both of the girls have March birthdays.  My employer hosts a dinner this month and we’ll be staying overnight in the area.  Chris will be away over night for a meeting at work.  M. has a field trip, which I’ve taken a day off to chaperone, and Easter is also in March this year.  Most of my goals have to do with those events.

March Goals

  • Take H. to New Haven for her birthday
  • Birthday dinner for H.
  • Send out invitations for M.’s birthday party
  • Clean first floor before M.’s birthday party
  • Birthday dinner for M.
  • Prepare for Easter
  • Start eating healthier foods (family goal)
  • Find dress for work party
  • Begin unpacking office (tentative goal, there may not be time)

I will update these goals at the start of April and see how everything went.