I finished a new article and submitted it to Helium.com‘s marketplace, but it hasn’t been reviewed yet so I don’t know if it will be.  I’m pretty confident that it will.  It was a decent piece on a subject with which I have some experience.  I haven’t accomplished much else lately though.
M. has been sick on and off for three days.  She’s had a cold even longer, but she woke up the night before last with a bad stomach ache that ended with her throwing up a couple of times before she fell back asleep.  She was fine all day yesterday, then right before bed got very sick again.  She’s only been sick once today, but she’s had a fever all day.  Her temp. has been around 102 degrees, and she’s just miserable.  She was up at 6:30 this morning, and we were both exhausted.  She took her nap around 11, and so did I.
I won’t have much time to write tomorrow beyond getting my 750 words done.  I have an appointment at noon, then have to meet Chris after he brings in his company car so he can have my car.  I’m dreading that.  By the time I get home, it will be nearly time to cook dinner.  In any case, I’ll get the 750 done and see if I can do any more other than that.