So this week a co-worker nearly had her email taken away for inappropriate use.  Now, I know what your thinking you dirty little person.  “Oooo, inappropriate!  Was it about sex?  It must have been about sex. Was she describing her sex life?  Was she carrying on an office affair?  Was it–gasp!–EMAIL SEX?!”

No.  It wasn’t about sex.  It wasn’t about her medical condition, described in all its gory detail.  As far as I know she doesn’t even have a medical condition to describe.  She wasn’t selling anything, or slandering anyone or undermining anyone’s authority.

She made the unforgivable mistake of sending out an unsanctioned email blast to a couple of departments to let the people in them know that she had tickets to an upcoming event — tickets received through a company-sponsored discounted order — and that she couldn’t attend the event so if anyone wanted the tickets they were welcome to them.  For free.  Just so they didn’t go to waste.

Oh. The. Horror.

Thank heaven that corporate saved us from her evil plot to be nice. 

They didn’t actually take away her email, although that was their initial plan.  They agreed to put her on a 60-day email probation and re-evaluate the issue at that time.

I’m so glad in this day of lay-offs and failing businesses that the higher-ups are looking out for the REAL problems in our companies.  Whew.  That was a close one.

UPDATE:  As it turns out, they actually took her email away for the 60 days and will be re-evaluating whether or not to give it back.  I lose faith a little more each day.