February, Leandro Bassano
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Only three more days left, including today, and I will have completed my first One Month Challenge on 750Words.com.  In case anyone’s keeping track.  Should I sign up for the March challenge?  I probably will. I have a (now) 26 day streak going, I really don’t want to break the chain just because the month is over.

If anyone hasn’t gotten the message, the Office of Letters and Light which hosts NaNoWriMo is up for a $5,000 award from Guidestar.com if they get the most reviews in February.  They only have two days left after today, so if you have anything to do with the organization, or have heard good things about them, go post a review so they can move up the list.  They were #10 when I posted this morning, but they may have moved up by now.

Just a short post tonight.  I’m taking the night off, except for the rest of my 750 words, and watching a movie that a friend’s son, a boy I used to babysit when he was 3, made as his freshman film in college.  I’ve heard it’s brilliant, but disturbing.  I can’t wait to see it, and I hope it’s great.  How’s everyone spending Sunday?