My cats are losing their minds.  It has been so cold and there is so much snow and ice that they have stopped going outside at all, opting instead to be indoor cats full-time.  There are a few problems with this.

First, there is the size of our apartment.  Small.  The cats are generally banned from my daughters’ bedrooms, so the have only the tiny bathroom, small eat-in kitchen, and the living room (which also serves as my bedroom) to live in.  They are used to whole houses with basements and the entire outdoors.

Second, they are both large cats.  One is large and muscular, a small bobcat we joke.  The other is fat and fluffy.  Both are somewhat skittish.

Third, the first is an accomplished hunter, relishing the chase and the kill both and eating at least part of each captured prey.  No, his only target is his sister.  She mostly hides, although occasionally he corners her and she must throw herself down and hiss as loud as possible until rescue arrives from one of my daughters or myself.

The hunter attacks everything now out of boredom.  Rugs.  Blankets.  Chairs. He knocks over furniture in the middle of the night.  I wake up to claws scrabbling on the kitchen floor at 3 a.m. as he tries to make too sharp a turn around too tight a corner.  A day or so ago it was a folding chair that has been leaning against a wall falling over at 5:45 a.m.

So my cats are going stir crazy.  Or, one is going stir crazy and tormenting the other in his all too frequent spare time, driving us all crazy in the process.

How many days until Spring?