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I accomplished absolutely nothing writing-related today, except for this post.   Today I spent the day caught up in household chores, mostly laundry and dishes, and issues.  The battery in our car died, so we had to get that replaced in time for Chris to get to a late meeting at 7 p.m. tonight that he couldn’t afford to miss.  It took a ridiculously long time to even get the car to the garage because it wouldn’t start, and their tow truck was out.  They kept saying someone would be over to jump it so Chris could drive it over, so I didn’t want to call AAA and have the garage get someone there first because AAA tends to get snippy about canceled calls.  Finally I gave up and asked my step-father to just come out and jump-start the car for us, which he did.  Once it was actually at the garage, they fixed it pretty quickly.

I spent the bulk of my day defrosting my freezer, which periodically freezes up solid and then begins shedding water into the refrigerator, which also tends to freeze up at that point.  Fixing it is a whole ordeal involving unplugging the ‘fridge, taking everything out of the freezer, pulling the inside back cover off and pouring boiling water into the drain until it thaws and the water comes out of the bottom of the ‘fridge into the drain pan like it is meant to. Then I have to put everything back, and do the same in the ‘fridge.  Well, not the hot water part, just taking everything out, mopping up the water that has leaked from the freezer, and putting everything back.  The only good thing about this is that it guarantees that I have to periodically clean both the freezer and refrigerator, so now they are both clean and well-organized.  That will last about a day.

See how glamorous my life is?  Wouldn’t anyone want to have the chance to spend a day living my life?  Seriously, any takers?

I shouldn’t complain.  I got to spend a day with my husband at home dealing with these things with me instead of having to handle all of it myself while he works.  I had M. with me, and she’s always especially fun and cute on the days “Dada” is home.  H. was here after school, and helped with M. while I worked on the freezer issue.  It wasn’t a terrible day despite the aggravating things in it.

Another good thing about today:  I got to listen to podcasts while I cleaned.  I love my podcasts.  You all know I love me some Mur, but she actually wasn’t on the playlist for today.  Today I listened to Dan Klass‘s podcast The Bitterest Pill.  I want this man’s talent for talking about what should be just mundane, day-to-day things–parking, getting cut off on the highway, an audition–and yet they are fascinating.  He has a gift for story-telling.  I think that’s what it is.  In any case, he almost always makes me smile and nod to myself at something he’s said, and always keeps me interested.

I also listened to the next few parts of Crescent, a book by Phil Rossi that is available on Podiobooks.com.  It is getting progressively creepier, and I love it.  I’m up to episode 10 now, and can’t wait to listen to the next ones.

Another podcast I just discovered is the Top Chef podcast.  I love Top Chef, on Bravo, and watch it with Chris every week (although usually DVR’d, not live).  I started listening to the podcast, and wish I had been listening all along.  The hosts, Jeff and Katie, never fail to make me laugh out loud.  Literally.  And answer them.  Out loud, as if they can hear me talking to them.  Which, now that I’ve put it out there, probably makes me sound a little nutty, but it’s worth it to get across to everyone just how funny they are.  If you are a Top Chef fan, you should be listening to this podcast.

Tomorrow, I would like to spend some more time writing and editing.  I’d like to get back to writing in the morning.  I haven’t had a chance to do that for the last couple of days, and I hate not getting to it until ten at night or later.  Then I feel rushed, and my writing is a lot less thought out.  I like it better when I have something in mind as a topic than when I’m just rambling.  At the end of a very long day, however, rambling seems just to be the thing to do.  Hope you don’t mind too much.