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I’ve been signed up for Reddit for a while.  I never go there.  Here are some things I didn’t know about it:

1) There is a Reddit group on GoodReads.

2) There is a “Books” section on Reddit.

3) You can customize your own Reddit list so you can easily pull up specific categories (like the Books section) and read through without having to look at 500 pictures of kittens.  Unless that’s your thing.

4) There is an “Awwww” section on Reddit for really cute stuff.

5) There are sections that I can’t mention in polite company, but let’s just say that if you have an interest in it, there is a section.

6) That includes Mine Craft, which my son is obsessed with currently.

I plan to look into this more.  I already found some very useful links in the brief time I spent there today.

Do you use Reddit?

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