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I have decided to start giving the books I review a rating.  Book reviews are, by their very nature, subjective.  Still, it is sometimes hard to figure out where a book falls in relation to other books.  I know a lot of sites that I read use rating systems, and I like that because it gives me something a little more concrete to take into account.  I know that if a reviewer has great things to say about two movies, for example, but rates one a 5 and one a 4, I’ll check out the 5 first if I value their opinion.  For those of you who read my reviews, here is how it all breaks down:

5 Stars:  I LOVED it.  It has earned a space on my “permanent” book shelf and will be reread.  NOTE:  There are very few books in this category.  It is reserved for books that I want to reread again and again, whether timeless classics like Little Women or more modern ones.  Not much will actually fall in this category.

4 Stars:  It was very good, and I enjoyed it (or at the very least appreciated how well-written it is), but it’s still moving on from my limited shelf space.

3 Stars:  Meh.  I don’t regret the time I spent reading it, and it had its good points, but I won’t be telling people to run right out and buy it either.

2 Stars:  I didn’t like it, I don’t recommend it, and I won’t be keeping it.

1 Star:  I want to punch the author for wasting precious minutes of my life on this crap.  I physically threw the book across the room, more than once, while reading it.