Townhouse is a new book by Brian Rowe.  It is the story of a young couple, Max and Sara, who haven’t really known each other long.  They are engaged, but mainly because Sara is pregnant and they both believe a baby deserves at least a shot at a traditional family.  When we meet them, they are hunting for a place to live.  They settle on a townhouse in an average-looking complex.  The townhouse is very inexpensive, but turns out to be a great bargain, and just what they’re looking for.

Sara becomes convinced that one of their neighbors, an older man who lives alone with his dogs, is suspicious and creepy in some way.  When another resident disappears, she speculates that he is responsible and begins spying on him.

Townhouse is a dark thriller.  It is alternately spine-tingling and grotesque.  The story is well-thought out, although I do wish the characters were more developed.  There is no real sense of being “in on” the adventure with Sara, nor are many of the peripheral characters all that likeable.  Still, it did hold my interest and make my skin crawl in places, and I really liked the ending epilogue.

If you’re looking for a good scare and don’t mind a little gore, this book is a good, quick read.

Rating: 3 stars