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My Goals for April

To go along with my new-found resolve to make this blog a better, happier place, I’ve decided to pick up where I left off at the beginning of the year, and start posting my goals at the start of each month.  Since that ship has sailed for April, I’m just jumping into the water now and starting where I am.  At the end of each month I plan to post my progress toward those goals, and any thoughts about what went right or wrong, and then my goals for next month.  I think that serves two purposes.  First, it makes me accountable to someone other than myself.  Second, looking at how things went might be helpful to someone reading this because it might give them some idea of what happened–good or bad–with their own goals. Sometimes it’s easier to see the cause of something, and either strive to repeat it or avoid it next time, when it’s someone else you’re looking at rather than yourself.  Being a step removed sometimes gives clarity.

Enough rambling.  Here are my goals for April:

1) Book review to client by 4/22/11.
2) Be half way through my novel rewrite by the end of the month.
3) Pick up two more freelance jobs.
4) Publish three more articles on Associated Content and/or Helium (or similar sites).
5) Blog each weekday.

So there it is, up where everyone can see it.  I’ll let you know at the end of April how things went.