Memorial Day Flags
Image by eddiecoyote via Flickr

…is anyone else panicking about the goals they set and whether or not they are actually accomplishing any of them?  I’ve had so much going on I’ve barely had time to blog, much less do any writing.

This weekend, Memorial Day weekend, I have only one child from now (this morning actually) until Monday evening.  The other two are with their father.  I plan to pack and clean as much as possible, and write/edit.  I have the additional challenge of having five articles/reviews (fairly short in length) all due on June 10th for the same person for whom I’ve been writing book reviews.

Speaking of book reviews, I am so backlogged on the books I’ve read or am supposed to be reading that if I ever have the chance to write some of them, you may start getting a review a week here, at least for a while.  I also have a great series of guest blogs lined up which will be appearing on Wednesdays.

I plan to bring M. to a farmer’s market or two over the weekend and spend some time playing in the yard with her too.  I hope everyone has a relaxing and restful Memorial Day weekend.  Do you have any plans?