Once again, the government is screwing with things better left alone.

As those of you living in Connecticut probably already know, this morning Amazon cancelled its Associates Program with all of its CT associates.  The reason for this is that the new budget, Governor Malloy’s budget, includes extending the sales tax to online sales made through CT affiliates, even if the retailer doesn’t have an in-state physical presence.

In the past, online shoppers only paid tax on purchases made from stores that were also located in the state.  Not anymore.  Now any internet purchase made in CT is taxable, as is any purchase made through a CT-owned affiliate link.

It’s ridiculous, and very unfair.  Malloy’s program seems to be more of the usual:  tax breaks for the rich, screwing the middle class.

For those of you wondering, I am a registered Independent.  Which means I don’t specifically back either party, mainly because I think they’re all criminals and liars.  I am well aware that Republicans hate the new budget and (most) Democrats think it’s just the freakin’ bees knees.  While this is divided on party lines, I’m not taking sides.  I hate the budget because it directly screws with my ability to make, and save, money.

It means I earn less online revenue, and the added kick in the ass is that the gas tax is going up $0.03, so we’ll be paying even more for gas.  That’s Malloy’s plan for the middle class apparently.  Earn less, pay more.

Great plan, asshole.