Fáilte!  I promised some resolutions for the new year, so as 2009 comes to a close and we get ready to head into 2010 with all it will bring, here are my resolutions:

1) Eat more healthily.  I’d like to lose a little bit of weight, but mainly I have three kids with terrible eating habits at times because I have been a terrible example.  I want them to learn to eat better before they are all grown up and it’s too late.  Also, I want to be healthier in general, and that’s the best way to start.

2) Write more and write more often.  Blog more (or at all), write more, just WRITE.  Anything.  Every day.  I’ve been away from writing for so long I think I may have lost the ability.  I try to write and my brain feels like an atrophied muscle.  It’s time to start working it out.

3) Take more photos.  Not just family pics of the kids and the cats, actual photos to start trying to sell them.  I’m not necessarily thinking “art installation” at this point, I have too much to learn and relearn.  But I used to love photography.  No, I still love photography.  I just thought when I was young that it would be my career, and then I let life pull me into a whole different, less fulfilling, direction.  It’s time to make an effort.

4) Keep working on organizing the house.  Keep getting rid of stuff that I don’t need.  I was doing well over the summer, but due to a lack of time and for a while a lack of a car I have a ton of stuff boxed to go but didn’t have any way to make it go.  Now I have a car again and, barring snowstorms, I should be able to start getting rid of everything.  Then I want to continue sorting things and getting rid of more.  I need to simplify.  I feel like I’m drowning in the stuff in this house.  I need there to be less of it.

5) Spend more time with my kids DOING things.  Not watching tv or movies at home, or playing and working on our computers separately.  Going outside, going places inside when it’s too cold to go outside.  I’m still working on what we’ll do this winter, but come spring, we’re going to start Geo-caching.  There are a bunch of sites right in our area, and I think they’ll all enjoy it.

Ok, that’s where I stand.  I’m not listing more than five, although there are so many things I’d like to change over the next year.  Those are a good start.  I hope everyone has a great 2010.