I haven’t put up my usual Saturday post this weekend, so I wanted to let you all know that I haven’t forgotten.  We’ve had all kinds of excitement here this week, and it’s made concentrating on blogging a little difficult.

On Monday night, my husband (Chris) was in a car accident.  He lost control of his car and hit a utility pole.  He’s relatively ok (the alternative being a head injury or worse), but has four broken ribs, a broken leg and hip socket.  He had surgery last Tuesday to put pins in his leg and in his knee so they could put him in traction.  They put his hip and thigh bone back where they belong, and the weight from the traction is to keep everything from slipping out of place again.  He will be having surgery again on Friday (when the specialist is available next) to repair his hip socket in the hope that he won’t have early onset arthritis in it.

He also has some intestinal issues due to an obstruction, so he hasn’t been able to eat or drink at all.  He has cheated with the drinking, which extended the time to heal and means he’s still not allowed to eat or drink.  He’s on IV fluids, but is miserable because he’s hungry and thirsty.

Unfortunately, the not eating and drinking is standard treatment, so he’s kind of out of luck.

Tuesday night when I came home from the hospital, and there was a letter for me from my son.  He’s in Marine bootcamp, and it was the first letter I’ve received so I was really happy about it.  In it, however, he said that it looks like he will not be able to be a Marine.  They found a (thankfully non-cancerous) bone tumor on his knee, so he will probably be coming home.  I will be happy to see him, but I am sorry that his life plan will have to undergo a drastic change now.

So that’s where things stand right now.  I’m working on a “real” post that will be up later today with luck, so stick around.