From (via Tony C.) for the week of jan 18.2009: Finish the Sentences

1. I wish I could…..get my finances, my house and my life in general under control once and for all.
2. My biggest fear is….spiders?  Well, yes, but also that there not only is a God and that he does, as I have long suspected, hate me.
3. I hate to… for other people because I am an elitist bitch who will always, always, think I am smarter than my bosses.  And will generally be right.
4. I love….my kids, my fiance, getting things organized, chocolate, quiet, reading, dancing, singing and cute fluffy kitties.  Oh and pretty pretty ponies.  No, wait…that’s the Xanax talking.
5. Today I will….have dinner with my kids, my fiance and my mom and step-father to celebrate my birthday (which was Friday).  There will be wine, and I will use it as a crutch, thank you.
6. Yesterday I ….. worked, got presents from my co-workers (who I love) and spent time with my kids.  It wasn’t a bad day all-in-all despite the sub-zero temperature.
7. My hair is….red…currently.
8. I will never…give up on the idea that some day I will own my own business and not have to work for other people/corporations that make me want to burn them in effigy.  And by “in effigy” I mean in actuality with lots of kerosene.
Till next time…Stay shiny!