When I was selling Avon a number of years ago, I always had the perfect teacher gift.  I’d assemble a “Summer Kit” that included everything from sunblock to face cream to that summer’s hot nail polish colors. Whatever I thought that particular teacher would like.  It always went over well and I liked putting them together.

Now I don’t sell Avon, so I have to come up with other ideas.  I still like the “Summer Kit” idea and there are some great ways to assemble those, but there are lots of other choices too.

One ~ Gift Cards  – If there’s one thing we know about teachers it’s that we don’t pay them nearly enough for the work they do.  A gift card to a local restaurant or store is a great idea because it gives your favorite teacher the chance to do something for herself (or himself) that might not be an every day occurrence.  Or an office supply store!  Which brings us to number two:


Two ~ Classroom Supplies – Teachers frequently spend their own money on supplies from paper to bulletin board decorations.  Contributing some supplies for the classroom is frequently appreciated because it can mean less money out-of-pocket for them.

Blog_teachercupsThree ~ These great cooler cup gift packs from LisaStorms. (She doesn’t appear to be blogging here anymore, but lots of her old posts still have great ideas.)

petunia-817383_1920       potted-731201_1280

Four ~ A plant!  There are a couple of ways to go here.  You could get something flowering which would be really pretty and a great way to brighten things up.  Or you could go with something easy to take care of like a succulent or cactus.

wax melts

Five ~ Instead of a plant, this bouquet of scented wax melts (this one is from Yankee Candle, but you can use any melts you want.

Teachers deserve to celebrate the Summer break even more than their students.  Give them a great send-off with a gift they’ll actually have a use for. (How many apple-shaped pencil cups can one teacher use?)