30 Day Blog ChallengeThe words “Seriously?” and “Are you F-ing kidding me?” leave my mouth at least 10 times a day.  Sometimes before lunch.  My biggest pet peeve is:


By that, I don’t mean legitimately not knowing something and needing to learn it.  I mean being told something, sometimes repeatedly, and just not listening.  Then asking what you’re supposed to do even though you should know.  And have received emails about it with the instructions spelled out.  That drives me crazy.

Here are some other pet peeves:

People who don’t read – Seriously.  How do you learn anything?  And don’t say “the internet.”

People with cell phones who don’t understand that everyone around them is not interested in their conversation.  At all.

People who bring small children or babies to grown up movies.  Get a sitter, or suck it up and don’t go.  It’s not cute.

Donald Trump, in all of his misogynistic stupidity.

This year’s election, which is offering us no viable candidates at all.  I’d rather vote for a muppet than any of these morons.