30 Day Blog ChallengeIF – Formerly named IFTTT (If this, then that) this app allows you to automate tasks with your phone.  It works with a huge number of apps. Over 200 actually.  You can set it up to send you notifications for almost anything you can think of, from the weather to whether there are updates to your Craigslist search.  You can control your home using Hue or monitor your car’s health.  I can’t even begin to list everything, so you’ll just have to check it out for yourself.

Cumberland SmartPay – This app lets you pay at the pump for $0.10 less.  And yes, I do realize they jack the price up so you’re not really saving money compared to other stations.  I just love how convenient it is.  Plus, you can use it to pay inside, and they always email you a receipt.

Angry Birds 2 – I just love this game.  Still.

IMDb – I look up everything on there obsessively.  Every time we watch a movie and want to know what else someone has been in, if we’re watching an animated movie with my kids and want to know who does the voice of a character, pretty much anything entertainment related.