Hello fellow freelancers and others!  How are you today?  Today is the first day where I’m trying to get on a schedule.  Actually, I’m trying to get M. and I both on a schedule.  My life has been pretty unfocused ever since I stopped working at a job that required me to have a schedule and leave the house every day.  I didn’t realize just how much until last week, when I realized it was just driving me nuts.  I’d spend whole days doing stuff and accomplishing nothing.  It was then that I decided it was time for a change.
I didn’t have to get up early today because H. was at her father’s house, so I just got up when M. did.  We came downstairs, and I first gave myself computer time.  I had decided that I’m not the type who can just jump up and start moving, as experience has shown me, so I scheduled in an hour of computer time to check emails, twitter, visit websites, check my schedule, etc. while M. watches TV.  I also give her breakfast and eat something myself during this time.
Next is writing time, which I want to fit in during the morning because I don’t want it to get pushed to the bottom of my to do list and end up not getting done at all.  It is very important to me that I write every day, so I want it to be a priority in my schedule.
Once I’m done writing I’ll take a shower and get dressed.  M. can come in with me to keep me company, which she usually likes to do so she’s not on her own.  Usually she comes in and out between the bathroom and her bedroom to get toys and read books.  That generally works out well, although she’s a toddler so some days nothing works well.
Once I’m dressed, I’ll start laundry and run the dishwasher if it needs it, then I’ll take her out of the house for a bit.  Today, it’s to go shopping, but some days we’ll go to the library or a playgroup–fun things for her too.  Lunch and nap time when we get home, except on days when I treat her to McDonald’s (rare, but she loves “Old McDonald’s” so we go occasionally).  On days we can’t go out, we’ll have preschool, which she also loves.  I like homeschooling, but don’t think I could do it past preschool.  She’ll be going to preschool next September, but I’ve started her on some things now, and I’ll continue during the summers to keep her learning.
While she naps, I can work on cleaning and any freelance jobs I have waiting for me.  She’s usually good for two hours, but at least an hour and a half, so until she stops napping I’ll have enough time to get some things done, or at least worked on.
After nap, I’m not exactly sure.  H. gets home from school, and I want to spend time with her after homework.  I know when I need to cook dinner, and then we eat, have some free time, and then a bath before bed.  I don’t feel like I must have everything planned out now, and I don’t think we need to stick to exact times either.
How do any other stay-at-home moms who freelance handle their schedules?