I’ve been meaning to post the winners of the 2015 Nutmeg Awards, but keep being distracted by life.  So here, without further delay, are the winners for each category:

Elementary – The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew DaWalt – Duncan’s box of crayons tells him in no uncertain terms what they think of his coloring habits.  From the purple crayon’s request to color inside the lines to the red crayon’s wish for a break, this vociferous box of crayons just can’t keep its lid shut! –  I can personally vouch for this book’s appeal.  My 7-year-old read it and loved it.

Intermediate – The Unwanteds by Lisa McMann –  When you become Unwanted you die…everyone knows that.  So when Alex is dubbed Unwanted, he expects the same fate.  Alex is brought to Artime where creative talent is shaped into magic.  Alex and the Unwanteds must use their training to protect themselves.

Teen – The Raft by S.A. Bodeen – When Robie’s plane crashes into the Pacific Ocean, she must depend on the plane’s co-pilot, Max, and a life raft for survival.  As their water disappears and the evidence of sharks in the water mounts, Robie isn’t really sure that they’ll make it until a team can rescue them.

High School – Every Day by David Levithan – Imagine waking up not knowing your gender, whether you are rich or poor and who your friends really are. “A” faces this quandary as he/she takes over the body and life of a different person every day.  When “A” falls in love, life becomes very complicated.  –  I have read this, and it was excellent.  I am a fan of Levithan’s writing, and recommend this (and others) to both teens and adults.

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