We’re having a very unmotivated day here today.  M. has been feeling a little under the weather over the last few days, although you wouldn’t know it to watch her run around in her usual crazy way.  She has had tummy trouble, and is on a temporary diet of bland, bland and more bland.  Luckily, she likes most of those things anyway.  She does get rebellious however when it comes to no milk.  She LOVES milk.

The farmer’s market in town is today, but I think we may skip it.  It’s not much fun when you’re not feeling well, and M. isn’t yet.  We might go tomorrow to the one in the next town over, but I’m not sure.  We love the farmer’s markets.  There are so many good things to eat there, and the people are usually very nice.

The older kids are having a great time in Florida.  I miss them both, but this has been a great experience.  They got to meet an astronaut, and she gave the kids autographs and let them take pictures with her.  They also went to a very cool science-type museum called WonderWorks. If you haven’t seen you should definitely look them up.  It looks very cool.

I have work around the house that I should be doing, and work online that I’ll do throughout the day.  Plus, there might be a nap if M. takes one too.  Who’s with me?