Planner Junkie Issue 2 is now available!

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Bonus Post: Top Tips for “Me” Time

 Coffee is not breakfast.  I know.  I was shocked myself.  But it’s just not. Cliche as it may sound, breakfast […]

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You have to MAKE time.

You want to work on your project or business. You’re ready to go. You just don’t know how to make […]

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If you don’t start now, you’ll hate yourself later.

Maybe hate is a strong word.   But all those quotes we like to pass along on Facebook and Instagram […]

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Planner Junkie cover issue 1

Planner Junkie has landed!

Not long ago I promised a big announcement would be coming, and today’s the day. The first issue of Planner […]

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map stock photo

7 Things to do with Maps

I love maps.  I always have.  Whether they are antique and weathered, or new and bright blue, I can never […]

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dinner stock photo

This Week’s Menu Plan

Menu Planning Monday – We had pizza tonight – cheese for M. and my mom, BBQ Chicken for H. and […]

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pantry - stock photo

Pantry Organizing Ideas

I’ve been looking for ways to organize my kitchen, which is too small for the amount of food, dishes and […]

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Six Month Review

The year is, as always, flying by.  How is it July already?  I wasn’t done with June!  Ok, I kind […]

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…sometimes you’re the bug.

Remember that saying, “Sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug”?  That’s pretty much how this month has been.  I […]

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